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What is Platform Iteration ?

Replicating your business model in other business platforms under a single ownership so that the business can expand and grow is called platform iteration for multiple markets. Just think about is! You have varieties of businesses under your ownership all known under a single brand which have acquired a great place in market!! Every entrepreneur has this dream so why not make this dream true?

Replicating the business model also decreases the risk of loss as if u do not go through with one business platform you always have the other as a back frame. Why not save time and make double profits? Use the same idea for various businesses and earn international reputation.

How Platform Iteration helps your Business ?

It helps you enter multiple domains with the same engine you hav built.

Universal Reputation

You gain universal reputation when you have varieties of product under a single brand

Increase in Customers

The more products and services you will launch the more will be your customer folk.

Market Monopoly

Introducing different products under a single brand would retain your monopoly in the market.

High Efficiency

when you have the platform ready with you, you just need to apply it for different models and carry your business forward

Zero Risk

If one platform fails you have the second in hand to carry forward with so rick becomes equal to zero

Repetitive Model

When you initiate the second platform you do not need to waste time in drawing the model again.

If the plan does not work, change the plan not the goal.

Obstacles in life should make you learn how to jump.. not quit

Platform Iteration for Multiple Markets

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